the neighborhood


Stella West is adjacent to many stores and companies, offering countless everyday conveniences. Walmart is nearby, as well as Marshalls, Dollar Tree, CVS, Walgreens - not to mention, Downtown Orlando with its vast collection of bars, restaurants and more. On top of that, the Orlando police department and Advent Health Hospital are nearby, so if help is needed, it’s close and just a phone call away.


Orlando is an entertainment mecca, home to various, world-renowned theme parks, including Disney World, Universal Studios, and eight others. The city boasts more than 148 beautiful parks, gardens, recreation areas, neighborhood centers, and playgrounds. There are also 100 golf courses and the city is ranked #5 with the most restaurants per capita. Whether you want to take a family for a day at the Magic Kingdom, or to an outdoor adventure - the options are limitless, and so is the fun.


In Orlando, there are many shopping centers to choose from. From antique to boutique, to the latest trends in fashion and retail - it’s all here. Just don’t forget to bring your credit card.